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At Space Division Inc we are inspired by space. It is the next frontier and at no point in history has the dream of space travel been more real. No longer is space travel dependent on large governments with expansive budgets, the commercial space flight industry is booming and private companies are launching rockets into space on a regular basis. Travel to Mars, and other distant planets, is no longer the topic of science fiction, it is reality and it is very exciting.

Our products are inspired by space and the materials used to get to space. While we can't all go to space yet, we can now bring space a little closer to us. All of our products are made from 100% carbon fiber that was collected off the production lines of modern rockets and space craft. Now is your chance to get your own piece of this space age material.

Carbon Fiber in Space

Rocket and space craft need to be able to withstand incredible forces and harsh conditions when traveling to space. That is why they use materials designed specifically for the job. Carbon fiber has become the go-to material for the commercial space craft due to its strength, light weight and durability. This material is used for everything from structures to fuel tanks to fairings, and as more, and bigger, rockets are being built, more carbon fiber is being used.

There are many types of carbon fiber, and all are not created equal. In space travel you cannot take any shortcuts, you must use the best material available. This is the material that we use in all of our products, 100% space grade carbon fiber. It is the exact same material used to make modern rockets and space craft.

"Strength, weight and reliability are the most important factors, which is why carbon fiber has become the go-to material for a new generation of spacecraft."

― Michael Lopez-Alegria, Former NASA Astronaut

We are proud to carry the Space Foundation seal for Certified Space Technology. The material we use is space grade and comes off the production lines of modern rockets that will travel to space. Our team includes a former Astronaut and former White House liason at NASA, and we are all space enthusiasts! 


While space travel is exciting, we still need to take care of Mother Earth. Our products are made from upcycled material that would normally go to the landfill. This is different from being recycled since it is still new material that we re-purpose to make our products. This upcycled symbol shows the waste stream of one product is lifted up and used for something else.

Ten million pounds of trim scrap is landfilled or incinerated each year by the aerospace and space flight industries. But not any more. Elevated Materials has a mission to collect this trim scrap and upcycle it into premium, high quality products. They make flat sheets and custom parts for many different industries. They are our partner is bringing our unique designs to life.


We are proud to label our products as "Made in USA" and we are firm believers in the American Dream. We are based in Los Angeles, California and make all of our product right here. We support American Manufacturing and creating jobs in the US. We also work with Chrysallis, a non-profit here in LA, whose mission is to take people off the streets, educate them and help them to find jobs.

Don't wait to have your own piece of space

Our space-age products are great for the home or office, and make great gifts as well.