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We are inspired by space. It is the next frontier and at no point in history has the dream of traveling there been more attainable. To recognize this innovative time, SDi focuses production on the utilization of up-cycled carbon fiber from the space industry. All of our products are made from 100% pure carbon fiber that was collected from the production lines of modern day rockets and space craft. 


SDi is proudly partnered with Elevated Materials in the mission to achieve zero-waste. Just in the aerospace industry alone, over ten million pounds of trim scrap carbon fiber was landfilled or incinerated last year. EM managed to collect over 100,000 pounds of material in an effort to reduce the high amount of hazardous waste in landfills.


Made in the USA

We are proud to label our products as "Made in the USA." Located right here in Southern California, we are supporters of American Manufacturing and creating jobs within the states.

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Certified Space Technology

SDi proudly carries the Space Foundation seal for Certified Space Technology.  The material used in production originates from the production lines of modern rockets and our team consist of experts from the industry, including a former NASA astronaut and White House Liaison at NASA.


Environmentally Friendly

Part of our mission is to take care of the environment we all have come to share and admire. SDi products are made from 100% up-cycled material that would have otherwise be sent to a landfill. 

"In space flight, strength, weight, and reliability are the most important factors, which is why carbon fiber has become the go-to material for new generation spacecraft."

- Michael Lopez-Alegria. Former NASA Astronaut & ISS Commander


Double 6 Domino Set with Box


Interstellar Cases Briefcase


Table Coaster Set with Box


Chess Set with Carbon and Kevlar


Become an Investor on Start Engine

We are excited to announce that Space Division Inc. is live on Start Engine. This platform allows you to invest and purchase shares within our company. Our mission is to address the alarming accumulation of hazardous materials in the worlds' landfills through up-cycling carbon fiber trim scrap. SDi seeks those looking to help our initiative. Discover more here.